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New Single “In Case You Fall” Finished…

June 8th, 2013 by Adam

We made it… “In Case You Fall” is in the can.  It was a painstaking process…despite it sounding like we are all in one room together in fact no two parts were cut together, or even on the same day.  But there are stellar performances on it, Steph and Rosie’s strings gel so beautifully (hold on for Steph’s solo!) and Clem’s vocal sounds amazing. Listen to a stream of the track below – preferably on big speakers where you will hear the squeaking of Rosie’s chair and Tom’s baby son Rufus giggling – and await iTunes release.

See you at the Hollywood on Thursday where the song will get its first public airing.

In Case You Fall

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New Songs…New Show…

May 12th, 2013 by Adam

Things have been moving again.  Slowly.  But now my latest song, “In Case You Fall”, is very close to completion.  It is a real change from what I have done before.  Firstly I sing a duet with female counterpart – Clem Dodwell who sounds amazing – which gives the song a completely different dynamic to my previous recordings.  Also we have violin (Steph Waite) and for the first time on one of my recordings cello (Rosie Brown) warming the sound.  I am really excited about how the demos sound.

I have also been working on some more blues songs (and trying to improve my guitar playing with it!) in the hope of doing some full recordings this summer to follow from the Beehives last year.  So quite a difference from the duet too.

We are going release the single and showcase the material – duet, strings, electric guitars turned up to 11 and maybe even a cover song or two – at The Hollywood, Earls Court on Thursday June 13th, 8pm.  More details on that can be found on the Live Shows page.  This has become an absolute must for your diary.  Look out for the single release date and I will see you there…

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Album Launch…

July 31st, 2012 by Adam

It’s official…I will come out of retirement to launch the completed album “Notes On Becoming A Liar” on Saturday September 15th 2012 at The Slaughtered Lamb in Barbican.  It is where I played my last gig back in June 2011 and is the best venue I have played – relaxed atmosphere, comfy chairs and great sound – so get it in your diary.  Expect to hear new tracks and my blues trio The Beehives.  Check the Live Shows page for details.

Meanwhile you can hear some of the new stuff in the music player.  There are four tracks: a relaxed almost lounge number called “The Same Old Trick Every Time”, “Losing Street” has a country feel, a borderline disco number in “Someone To Sing To” and a light-hearted romp to finish, “Finding Excuses”.  Expect iTunes release soon.

Enjoy them, tell your friends and get ready for September 15th…

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Out Of “Retirement”…New Songs…A Show…Maybe Just Maybe…?

June 5th, 2012 by Adam

I have not played a gig – promoting my own stuff that is – since June 2011. After a couple of years trying to make the whole thing happen for real the buzz and fire in the belly must have disappeared. I had just done the first half of “Notes On Becoming A Liar” and started playing with The Beehives but creative juices had ceased flowing and I left these two projects unfinished.  A year, several covers gigs and stints playing in other bands later I feel that an end to this hiatus is in sight.

A few songs have popped out in recent months and it has been so much fun. The music sounds quite different to a lot of the songs I have recorded before – there is some regular pop, a light-hearted self-deprecating jig and one that at the moment sounds like a relaxed lounge number, as well as my first appearance on piano! Six weeks ago we had a tentative rehearsal – pictured are Mike Spencer Chapman (guitar & trumpet) and John Wells (bass) – and the album is coming together over the internet. Tom Clare (drums), Mike, John and Dominic (piano) have each recorded parts in the privacy and comfort of their own home studios – by that I mean their bedrooms – and we have been emailing files to each other for a month or so – Tom has been gluing them all together and starting to mix it down (part of one project is also pictured). Yesterday the final touches began – vocals and harmonies from Dominic and violin from Steph Waite (who as it turns out is still better than all of us). It is very, very nearly finished.

When these six songs are done they will form the second half of the album “Notes On Becoming A Liar”. I have also started work on a few new rock/blues songs and plans are afoot for a Beehives E.P. that we will do later in the summer. All of this amounts to an emergence from retirement – or at least hibernation. It was totally unintentional and undramatic, but to all intents and purposes I am back in the swing of things.

So keep ears to the ground for sample tracks, an album release and of course a show to promote the whole thing in September. I am getting excited…

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Christmas Once More…

November 28th, 2011 by Adam

Christmas is on its way again – and it wouldn’t feel the same without “Winter’s Day” hitting the airwaves…

Apparently it has already been heard in shops around town…it won’t be long before the cheques start rolling in. Christmas number one..?

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“Notes…” is finally out there

June 21st, 2011 by Adam

Just a quick post to thank all those who filled up The Slaughtered Lamb last week and gave me such a fantastic night.  Afterwards it was great to hear a few folk say “The Beehives are ****ing awesome!” and “Do more blues..!” – you know, I might just be tempted into a full CD with the trio in the future.  It also makes a change from the usual post-gig feedback that revolves around how handsome my drummers are.  And I had an incredible time “shredding like a mofo” on the electric guitar.  Great performances from Dominic Hammond (several sheets to the wind…even at 8pm) and James Edge in support as well.  Now I just need to shift a load more CDs – iTunes – and get some more Beehives gigs in the diary…blues trio, anyone..?

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Release of “Notes On Becoming A Liar”

May 25th, 2011 by Adam

Six months after conception the new album – “Notes On Becoming A Liar” – is finally done and dusted…almost. The songs are all in the can and it is just finalising the artwork and distribution ahead of release – and we’ll launch it at The Slaughtered Lamb in Old Street on Thursday June 16th. So to get you in the mood for seeing us play the stuff, there are some preview tracks ready to listen to…

The CD is divided in half. Side One is an acoustic recording – six songs done in Ave’s flat…with violin, flugle horn and double bass. You can hear a sample of “Tell Me” in the music player now (or click the link to hear the full track) and also click to listen to “She Tells You, ‘Don’t Be Cruel”

Side Two is my new blue trio “The Beehives”.  There are two original songs and four covers and I get to let the electric guitar rip for the first time.  Again, a sample of “Only In The Faint Light” is in the music player and you can also click to listen to a couple of the covers – “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and “Everyday I Have The Blues”

So enjoy listening to these previews and we’ll see you for the release on June 16th.

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